William E. Fairbairn was the founder of numerous training centers in the UK and Canada during World War 2. They were put in place on the personal instructions of Sir Winston Churchill to train the Special Operations Executive (SOE) Royal Marine Commando units, US Rangers and some other groups in effective fighting methods that could be quickly and easily learned. Major Fairbairn was retired from the Shanghai Municipal Police where he had been the Assistant Commissioner and founded the world's first SWAT Team.

Most of his books can still be obtained through Paladin Press although originals that sold for 75c now cost over $100!

I was fortunate enough to be trained in Fairbairns Fighting Techniques whilst at the Command Training Centre, Royal Marines, Lympstone, Devon, UK in 1970/71. In today's world his method is very relevant as seen by the growth of schools teaching Israeli Krav Maga and other methods.

If you are looking to learn enough self defense for your own confidence, safety and security then Fairbairns system is natural in its style, simple to learn and has been proven effective by SOE agents, many of whom were young women, parachuted into France, Germany and Italy during the Second World War. There is no need to extensive courses in extravagantly expensive self-defense systems when some 12 hours training is all that is required to learn enough basics. By all means train in Judo, Karate, Taekwondo or Taijijuan but Fairbairn suggests learning just 10 techniques!, and then practising them to become proficient.

William Fairbairn is the creator, along with Eric Sykes, of the Commando Dagger fighting knife which is a logo of the Royal Marines as well as being used by the SAS (see left) more........